About Us

Welcome to
Eranad Knowledge City

Eranad Knowledge City, sprawling across 100 acres of lush and beautiful land is a first of its kind project in Kerala, set up by Al-Hind Educational & Charitable Trust, to pave the way for the radical revolution in educational standards to cater the needs of the society by creating an environment to LEARN, LIVE, WORK & PLAY matching the International Standards. Eranad Knowledge City is not just a group of institutions which imparts world class education, but an experience where everyone associated with is part of a mission to see that students have universal and equitable access to higher education in various disciplines and inculcate in knowledge and confidence embedded with professional traits to become highly competent in the dynamic global market. Institutions at Eranad Knowledge City are characterized by the quality of education across a broad range of disciplines from Kinder Garten to Post-Graduation programs covering Engineering & Technology, Architecture, Science & Technology, Commerce, Business Management, Arts, and Mass Communication & Journalism. We have been successful in managing the process of transition among the students from the school to College by acknowledging that students in all their diversity come to us to learn and that we are responsible not just to keep them, but for creating environments where active learning can take place. We achieve this by enabling strategic infrastructure and extensive beyond the curriculum activities, to embed transition practices systematically.

Our Vision

World – class technology institutes on a welcoming campus with a unique college spirit, which challenges and inspires all of our students to achieve their ultimate potential.

Our Mission

Nurture learners who are creative, self-confident and principled in association with national and international strategic partners. We develop global citizens who are ready to make important contribution to the world around them.

Our Philosophy

Every student has an individual and a cultural set of experience. Skills and interests which must be considered in the
teaching and learning process